Welcome to Coffee/Tea Counselling!



My name is Feri Zsolnai, and I'm a therapist.


I offer counselling sessions in Haarlem, or via Skype.


If you suspect that you're suffering from depression or anxiety,

or if you have a hard time dealing with relationship/family issues,

you are gay and frightened to come out,

or you just changed countries and try to cope with cultural shock,

contact me and we'll work something out together.


While this website is currently under construction, you can still contact me.

Please see the options underneath the logo.

e-mail: feri@coffeeteacounselling.com

phone: +31 657 502 390

Skype: coffee-tea-counselling

Facebook: www.facebook.com/coffeeteacounselling


You can talk to me in English and in Hungarian.